Semi Custom

Unique concepts based on pre-engineered semi-custom platforms.

Take advantage of contemporary designs, the highest quality,

exceptional details and reduced build time.


Feel the energy, drive and dynamism of our new line of Semi-Custom Open Tenders, which range from 10.5 – 12m LOA. Available with various deck layouts and many custom features combined with  a wide spectrum of configurable options. Sharp lines, sophisticated details – a truly outstanding design from every angle.

open chase tender 10.5m to 12m

LOA: 10.5m – 12m I Power: up to 2x Volvo D6-440 I Speed: >40kts

CC Line

The CC Line is one of Yachtwerft Meyers latest semi-custom designs once again in close cooperation with Hamid Bekradi Design Studios.

The Series offer a D-RIB and an OPEN TENDER ranging from 6.5 m to 7.5 m, or a 7 m SOLAS version. Designed with a foldable console, the CC Line is compact enough for easy stowage in the garage.  Embrace a greener future with state-of-the-art electric or hybrid propulsion options.

Choose from various options, including bow ramp and stylish carbon handrails.

D-rib/open tender 6.5m to 7.5m

LOA: 6.5m – 7.5m I Power: 1x Volvo D3-220 DPS sterndrive I Speed: 30kts


The Silverline series, designed by Yachtwerft Meyer’s in-house engineering team in close cooperation with Hamid Bekradi from HBD Studios, is our most successful tender series. It offers a ready engineered semi-custom platform for limousines, open tenders and D-RIBs, available from 8m to 9.5m with a broad choice of layouts. Silverline combines the finest materials with elegant design and a wide range of customisation options to deliver the ultimate in elegance, performance and practicality.

Open Tender 8.1m

LOA: 8.1m I Power: 2x Volvo D3-170 Sterndrive I Speed: >30kts

Open Tender 9.6m

LOA: 9.6m I Power: 1x Volvo D6-400 Sterndrive 400 hp I Speed: >35kts

Open Tender 9m

LOA: 9m I Power: 1x Volvo D6 370hp – Sterndrive I Speed: >35kts

Open Tender 8m

LOA: 8m I Power: 1x Volvo D4-320 with Hamilton HJ241 I Speed: >30kts

Open sport 8.1m

LOA: 8.1m I Power: 1x Yanmar 6LPA-STZP2 – Sterndrive I Speed: >35kts

D-rib 9.2m

LOA: 9.2m I Power: 1x Volvo D6-400 Sterndrive 400hp I Speed: >38kts

D-rib 9.2m

LOA: 9.2m I Power: 1x Volvo D6-370 Sterndrive I Speed: >35kts

D-rib 8.9m

LOA: 8.9m I Power: Yanmar 8LV with ZT370 Duoprop I Speed: >35kts

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