Our team are primarily creative engineers with the single goal of delivering appropriate and efficient solutions.

We deliver lightweight where required, and cost efficiency wherever possible.

naval architecture

Our engineers work on-site and are involved at every project stage.

Our services include: 

  • fibre composite engineering
  • 3D parametric modelling
  • hydrodynamics & resistance
  • lamination schedules
  • weight optimisation engineering
  • production process planning
  • mould design & engineering
  • bespoke solutions for fire & ballistic protection


Very few shipyards can offer a composite laboratory of this calibre. It allows us to develop and fully test potential solutions for clients.

As well as operating our very own test laboratory, we work closely with the Frauenhofer Institute and several universities.

We also offer in-house mechanical laboratory testing, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), fire resistant composites, and ballistic protection technology with our Preteccore® system.

Sound Engineering

We analyse all our structures for resonance and noise transmission.

Meticulous engine alignment, ‘floating’ cabins and insulation panels help make ywm tenders among the quietest available. Noise levels are akin to those inside a luxury car travelling at 85kph.

We are able and equipped to service, inspect and overhaul Yanmar, Volvo, Steyer, Honda and other engines with in-house specialists and a professional engine test bed.



There are many ways of analysing a structure, from taking an educated guess to Finite Element Analysis (FEM), and we have all the resources and experience needed to achieve optimal outcomes.

The programs we use for design and analysis are:

  • Autocad
  • Maxsurf advanced suite
  • Rhino 3D modeler
  • Solidworks Professional
  • Abakus (FEA)

We use the method(s) that produces the required level of accuracy for the best cost. With our analyses, you can be certain that stiffness and strength will never be an issue.

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