Yachtwerft meyer tenders help preserve the wilderness by design

From now on we are offering all our tenders built with at least 15% sustainable materials.

For years we have been researching and developing different sustainable solutions to meet our exacting quality standards. We have now perfected our own flax-fibre sandwich panels in cooperation with in-house partner company fibretech composites

“We have started to use flax fibres for non-structural elements such as hatches, interior paneling boxes, etc,”
says Jan Meyer, CEO of yachtwerft meyer.

“They cannot yet replace carbon fibre, as the breaking strength is lower. But the fibres are laid and worked in the same way as E-glass or carbon fibres are worked.”

Flax requires little in the way of agricultural inputs to grow, and its fibres are totally organic. It is dozens of times less carbon intensive than carbon fibre and around five times less than glass

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