A message from a Superyacht Captain.

A message from a Superyacht Captain.

One of our longest-standing customers has now given us the great news that his two Yachtwerft Meyer tenders “have started their 14th summer charter season this week”.
We are proud of the fact that these tenders are still in service and gearing up for summer!

In style and full of character...

Yachtwerft Meyer full custom tender for Predator

The two matching tenders for the 73 m superyacht Predator from 2008, designed and built by Yachtwerft Meyer, are also looking forward to a new season.

Special attention was paid to the design and development of the “inverted bow”, which characterises
both the superyacht and the tender and makes them so iconic and eye-catching.

...with your Superyacht!

One of our most recently released open tenders, which stands out in a striking shade of blue, is also looking forward to the dawn of summer alongside it’s superyacht.

Let’s create your next summer dream!

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