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Analysis is the cornerstone of effective engineering, and the potential for weight saving relies on accurate knowledge of loadings and load paths. So to create powerful designs, we focus heavily on analysis. There are many ways of analysing a structure, from taking an educated guess to Finite Element Analysis (FEM), and we have all the resources and experience needed to achieve effective outcomes.

The programs we use for design and analysis are:

  • Autocad
  • Maxsurf advanced suite
  • Rhino 3D modeler
  • Solidworks Professional
  • Abakus (FEA)

We check our computational analysis results: faith is good, but checking is better!

The method we use also depends on the balance between cost and the degree of accuracy required. With our analyses, you can be certain that stiffness and strength will never be an issue. Specialist analyses conducted in-house include detonation shock loading, green water loads and maloperation.

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