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We are driven by the need to explore and create. As part of that commitment, we draw on synergies and transfers of knowledge from other industry sectors.

We have developed previously unimagined applications for fiber composite technology; we push boundaries in our development of workable solutions whose key goal is even greater reliability

High-tech on a large scale

There is only one route to saving weight and keeping costs in check: Fibre Composite Technology.

Large-scale, complex parts clearly offer the greatest potential for weight compared with metal, and that is precisely where we excel.

We integrate pre-manufactured fittings into composite structures that deliver effective fire protection and use laser technology and 3D tracking systems for perfect alignment and orientation.

The image shows one of two 7 x 10-meter naval hangar doors now in service on a new frigate.

  • Hangerdoor
  • Hangerdoor
  • Hangerdoor
  • Hangerdoor

Innovative technologies

We use our marine background to make valuable contributions to the development of innovative technologies by applying our principles to other industries. We never promise what we cannot deliver. We can be that confident because from a blank sheet to finished product, our extensive facilities and capabilities are all in-house.

In the Aerospace and Maritime industry,  we use Fibretemp Technology for efficiently developing the required products.

  • Ywm_Composite_Aerospace1
  • ywm_composite
  • ywm_composite
  • ywm_composite
  • ywm_composite
  • ywm_composite

Superyacht Equipment

We develop special equipment for the Superyachting industry. From Masts, Roof, Fireboxes, Swimming pools, Gangways, and more. All designed, engineered, and built in house.

Click to see our Superyacht equipment portfolio.

  • Roof
  • Boarding ladder

We love great products and never take the easy option.

We take on the most challenging projects to create unique solutions.

Test series

From development to production process optimization, our comprehensive portfolio of services gives you the edge for implementing the new fiber composite technology.

We can develop, design, prototype, and refine products and production processes that align with your production methods.

We can also produce the first batch of a newly-developed product so you don’t have to tie up your own capacity.

  • Composite

Light and shock-proof

Whether you examine a spider’s web, the human anatomy, or a tree branch, it’s clear that in nature, different types of fiber are oriented and dimensioned to take specific loads. Fibre Composite construction adopts this smart design principle.

Our use of computational engineering and simulation of complex, dynamic loads means that we know precisely where the load paths run and where the high-stress areas are. That’s why we can design and build structures that draw on the lessons of evolution to outperform their metal counterparts. Our prototypes will meet or exceed the required weight budgets.

The image shows a frigate command console for which we used computer simulation to model detonation shock loadings. The resulting full-scale prototype tests were 100% successful, delivering a series of gains: weight saving, an ergonomic layout free of construction constraints, and a modular design

We can also produce the first batch of a newly-developed product so you don’t have to tie up your own capacity (Test series).

We can also produce the first batch of a newly-developed product so you don’t have to tie up your own capacity.

  • Light and shock-proof
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