Luxury made in Germany


  • MY A
  • MY Adora
  • MY Alfa Nero
  • MY Amaryllis
  • MY Ancallia
  • MY Areti
  • MY Aurora
  • MY Aviva
  • MY Baton Rouge
  • MY Bel Abri
  • MY C²
  • MY Coral Island
  • MY Diamond A
  • MY Dream Seaker
  • MY Eclipse
  • MY Elandess
  • MY Eminence
  • MY Engelberg
  • SY Eos
  • MY Escape
  • MY Event
  • MY Grace E
  • MY Graceful
  • SY Hetairos
  • MY Here comes the Sun
  • MY Ice
  • MY Imagine
  • MY Issue
  • MY Jamaica Bay
  • MY Jems
  • MY Kaiser
  • MY Kamalaya
  • MY Kogo
  • MY Kwikumat
  • MY Lady Britt
  • MY Lady Christina
  • MY Le Grand Bleu
  • MY Linda Lou
  • MY Manifiq
  • MY Maria
  • MY Mayan Queen
  • MY Mogambo
  • MY New Secret
  • MY Oasis
  • MY Ocean Victory
  • MY Pacific
  • MY Palladium
  • MY Pamela V
  • MY Pelorus
  • MY Predator
  • MY Princess Olga
  • MY Radiant
  • MY Romea
  • MY Sea Rhapsody
  • MY Secret
  • MY Silver Cloud
  • MY Sky
  • MY Spirit
  • MY Step One
  • MY Titan
  • MY Topaz
  • MY Triple Seven
  • MY Trust
  • MY Vega
  • MY Venus
  • MY Vibrant Curiosity
  • MY Zenobia

“[…] I am very happy with the quality of the tender and we have had no warranty issues to speak of but the warranty department is of a high standard and we felt well supported. It was a pleasure dealing with the yard during the whole build process as they were positively enthusiastic, friendly and helpful.
The end result is a beautifully designed, very high quality luxury Limo which I am extremely happy with.”
Julian Cox, Captain MY Sea Rhapsody


“Dear Jan, Michaela and Jonas,
I hope all is well and that work is not too hectic! I wanted to let you know that I visited the owner and was able to see the Limo tender nestling in her garage, I hope to see her in the water next month… She looked really first class and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work, the end result is a superb Limo echoing the mother ship perfectly!
I hope we will have some very impressive pictures next month. Many thanks for all your efforts.”
Tim Heywood, Tim Heywood Designs Ltd.


“Dear Yachtwerft, it is a privilege to sail with your tenders onboard Aquarius.
To say you are proud and steadfast to your clients and products does not justify how you have kept your commitments and supported us in every way. Thank you”
Sean Barber, Captain MY Aquarius


“Hi Guys,
I’ve just been looking through Craigs pictures of the tenders that you built for Grace E and listening to reports of how good they were.
Impressive, great attention to detail, congratulations to you all and the build team, you should be proud. […]
Good luck and best wishes.”
Pete Towning, Chief Engineer Project Vitruvius

Yachtwerft Meyer